Supernumerary Fellows

The College can elect to a Supernumerary Fellowship persons who have previously held Fellowship of the College, who are actively engaged with teaching, research or administration and who are members of Congregation, and those who have achieved distinction in their profession outside the University.

1993    Patricia Jane Aldgate, MA PhD Edin, MA Oxf 

2009   Susanna Elizabeth Blackshaw, BSc Birm, MA Oxf, PhD Wales

2009    Hilda Brown, BLitt MA DLitt Oxf, BA Western Australia

2005    Anne Edwards, BA MEd PhD Wales, ACSS, AFBPSS, CPsychol

2014    Victoria Elliott, BA MPhil Camb, MSc DPhil Oxf, PGCE Leeds Fellow in English and Literacy Education

2020    James Nicholas Fullerton, MA Oxf, MBChB Birmingham, PhD UCL, MRCP

1997    Christine Diana Gray, MA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf 

1991    Gillian King, MA DPhil Oxf

2019    Aleks Kissinger, BA Tulsa, MSc DPhil Oxf

1995    Mary McAuley, MA DPhil Oxf

2020    Canon Brian Mountford, BA Newcastle, MA Camb, MA Oxf, MBE

1995    Frances Alayne Perrott, MA PhD Camb, MA Colorado, MA Oxf, FRGS 

1989    Constance Margaret Pascal Rees, BSc MB BS Lond, MA status DPhil Oxf, MRCOG

2019    Gregory Seregin, MA PhD Leningrad, DrSci St Petersburg

1994    Teresa Smith, MA Oxf

2001    Jane Hilary Margaret Taylor, MA DPhil Oxf 

2023    Bronwyn Travers

2013    Maya Tudor, BA Stanford, MA PhD Princeton  Fellow in Government and Public Policy

1989    Karina Williamson, BLitt MA Oxf