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Dr Tin Hang (Henry) Hung

BSc CUHK; DPhil Oxf


Henry Hung joined St Hilda’s in October 2023 as a Stipendiary Lecturer in Biology. He is also a Fulford Junior Research Fellow at Somerville and a Retained Lecturer at Magdalen.

He currently co-chairs the Ecological Genetics Group and serve in the Events Committee of the British Ecological Society. He is named a National Geographic Explorer in 2022 for his research on critically endangered rosewood trees.

He graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Biology, triple-minoring in Environmental Science, German, and Music. He then read his doctorate at the University of Oxford.

Henry’s teaching interests are mainly ecology and evolution. His teaching at Oxford is mostly in the MBiol programme and the MPLS Doctoral Training Centre, and includes subjects such as plant evolution, population genetics, ecophysiology, quantitative methods, bioinformatics, and conservation. He also supervises MBiol fourth-year projects.

His main research concerns the adaptation and genomics of forest trees. He started his research in tropical forests in Southeast Asia. He is now shifting his focus to temperate forests in Europe and North America. He also conducts research in Wytham and Blenheim in Oxford.

His recent research on rosewoods is featured in the University News:

For a complete list of publications, please see

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