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St Hilda’s alumnae are members of our community for life.

The Development and Alumnae Office works to support this global network of 8000+ Senior Members, helping you to stay in touch with College and with each other.

We are always delighted to welcome our Senior Members back to St Hilda’s, whether for official events or for individual visits.

Support St Hilda's

St Hilda’s was founded on philanthropy and continues to rely on the support of alumnae and friends for a significant proportion of its funding.

None of the major changes that have taken place in the history of the College would have been possible without the generous support of the St Hilda’s community, and we are deeply grateful to all of our donors.

The need for funding is continuous, and your help is vital in enabling St Hilda’s to remain a world-class institution where all of our students and academics can flourish.

Fundraising Priorities

Student support

Our commitment to access requires sustained financial support, not only by opening up pathways to Oxford but by ensuring students can flourish academically once they arrive, without distracting financial pressures.

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Supporting St Hilda’s

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Keep in touch

To make sure that you continue to receive our publications and invitations to events, please keep in touch.

If you've recently moved or aren't receiving our publications, please let us know your latest contact details. You can also stay in touch via social media or just drop in to say hello.

Development team

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas

Development Director

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Emma Campbell

Emma Campbell

Deputy Development Director

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Maren Florenz

Maren Florenz

Senior Development Executive

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Audrone Jurkenaite

Audrone Jurkenaite

Donor Stewardship Manager

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Sasha Coutinho

Development Administrator

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Hannah Gascoyne

Alumnae Relations Officer

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