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St Hilda’s College is committed to fostering intellectual and personal achievement in an environment where every voice is heard. Under the guidance of world-class academics and researchers, students are expected to challenge and question, as pioneering, independent thinkers who will go on to shape the future.

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At St Hilda’s, we’re friendly, inclusive, and welcoming. Because we’re medium sized among the University of Oxford colleges, you’ll find we’re small enough for you to make friends here, but large enough to offer a diverse community of students, tutors, and courses with outstanding facilities.

Regardless of your background, we want you to become part of our community and feel that you belong, so that you settle in quickly and go on to achieve your full potential.

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Tsuda Umeko. 19th century Japan.

Alumnae news

Umeko Tsuda

3 July 2024

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Student news

Rosalind Jane Bairstow Bursary for 2024-25

17 June 2024

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Research news

Brain and Mind - Touch and the Brain

10 June 2024

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Peter Darrell Rocks! (DANSOX)

24 July 2024 / 5:30pm-7:45pm

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Josh Sinton / Dominic Lash / Mark Sanders / Philipp Wachsmann

Concert Series

Josh Sinton / Dominic Lash / Mark Sanders / Philipp Wachsmann

24 July 2024 / 8-10pm

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