St Hilda's Graduation
St Hilda's College


Current students

Students on taught courses will receive an email towards the end of their course inviting them to book a graduation ceremony.

Research students will receive an email inviting them to book a graduation ceremony when they are granted leave to supplicate.

Historic graduands

‘Historic graduands’ (i.e. those who are not graduating in the same year in which they complete their degree) may apply for a place at a graduation. If you would like to book for one of these graduations, please complete the Historics booking form and email it to

Once you have booked an in-person graduation

Once you have booked, we will communicate with you regarding arrival, gowning, catering arrangements and any charges you may be required to pay for the Degree Day. This will be approximately two months before the date of your chosen ceremony.

On the day, you will come to College for registration, followed by the Dean of Degrees' briefing, when the Dean of Degrees explains the ceremony and demonstrates what the graduands will be expected to do and say during the ceremony. The Dean of Degrees and the graduands then process from the College to the Sheldonian Theatre on foot. The ceremony usually lasts for approximately an hour and a half. After the ceremony, graduands collect their degree certificates and St Hilda's completes the celebrations with a College reception with food and refreshments for the graduands and their guests.

See our Graduation FAQs for more information.

The Oxford Master of Arts

Following longstanding tradition, the status of Master of Arts is a mark of seniority within the University which may be conferred 21 terms after matriculation for a BA degree. The MA has no subject or class and is not an upgrade of the BA or an additional qualification. The nominals 'MA' should be represented in place of, not in addition to, the 'BA' in the holder's signature and on documents such as CVs.

The University charges an administrative fee of £100 for MA conferral and it is a St Hilda's policy that the MA is awarded only in absence at a degree ceremony.

If you are eligible and would like to apply for your MA, please fill in the MA Degree Booking Form and email it to You will receive an email confirming the date of the ceremony when your MA will be granted in absence. At this stage you should make the online payment of the MA fee of £100. The MA degree certificate will be mailed to you after the degree ceremony.