St Hilda's College

Supporting an applicant

Parents, carers and guardians

It can be difficult to know how best to support your child when they start considering their options for higher education. We recommend checking our Applying to Oxford page for a comprehensive overview of the Oxford admissions process, as well as the ‘Study With Us’ and ‘Student Life’ sections of our website for more information on courses, accommodation, and financial and welfare support.

The University also has a very helpful section for families on their website.

Parents, carers, and guardians are welcome to attend our Open Days. Should your child receive an offer from St Hilda’s, you will also be invited to our annual offer-holders day where you will have a chance to meet our Principal, the Tutor for Admissions, and our Welfare Officer.


To help provide students with the right kind of support we encourage teachers to see our guidance for teachers for advice on how you can support your students through each stage of the application process. An application timeline is available to help you keep track of key dates. Guidelines for administering Oxford tests are also available for schools and teachers.

Because we recognise the key role that teachers and career advisers play in encouraging students to consider their options and make informed decisions, we also run events for teachers. During these events we welcome the chance to talk with teachers and advisers about supporting your students through all aspects of considering, and applying to, Oxford.

We have also produced a series of videos to help familiarise students and teachers with the Oxford application system.

Our Outreach team are available for school visits and can offer advice and information to teachers who have a role in guiding students to make applications to Oxford and other universities. Please do get in touch with our Outreach team with questions or enquiries.

About Oxford, is the University-wide newsletter for teachers - these newsletters contain information about how best to support students who are applying to Oxford.

If you are a teacher or staff member at a school or college in one of St Hilda's link areas of Hampshire and Surrey, we would love to stay in touch with you. We produce a teachers' newsletter for schools in this area.