St Hilda's College
Alumnae and Friends

Association of Senior Members

There are more than 8,000 St Hilda’s Senior Members. The Association of Senior Members (ASM) creates and promotes activities that reconnect former students to each other and the College, including our family garden party (pictured above).

All students of St Hilda's College, including visiting students, can become members of the ASM. A fee of £10, paid annually during an undergraduate or graduate course, is included in battels.

ASM Committee

  • Jessica Monaghan (Archaeology & Anthropology, 2002) – Chair
  • Catherine Hamilton (Modern Languages, 1985) – Vice-Chair
  • Susan Way (Law, 1978) – Treasurer
  • David Parton (Law, 2014) – Secretary
  • Fran Woodcock (Classics, 2004) – ASM Editor
  • Henry Cosh (English, 2013)
  • Paula Heister (PPP, 2002)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the ASM, please contact the Development Office.

ASM Studentship

Senior Members can apply for the ASM Studentship, awarded annually to support independent study. It is designed to help people return to an interrupted academic career or to re-orientate by changing subject. The Studentship honorarium is a single award of £1,200.

The holder may use the facilities of the SCR and Library and may be granted up to a week’s residence in each vacation.

How to apply

Please provide a current CV and a cover letter that includes the following information.

  • A detailed programme of work for a self-contained academic project or a specific plan of activities to be undertaken. There should be a clearly defined end within the academic year.
  • What you envisage as the outcome of the work and how you intend to develop the work after the end of the Studentship.
  • What difference the honorarium would make to your ability to complete the project.
  • How you will use the College and University facilities.

The successful candidate will be required to submit a report of up to 430 words at the completion of the Studentship for publication in The Chronicle and may also be invited to present the results of the research to other members of the College and/or at an alumnae event.

Applications for study to begin in autumn 2026 will be considered during the summer of 2024. Shortlisted candidates may be invited to come for an interview.

Applications for the ASM Studentship should be sent by post to The Development Office, St Hilda’s College, Oxford, OX4 1DY or by email before 1 July 2024