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Finance and funding

Battels and Fees

We use the traditional term 'Battels' for College bills covering domestic and other charges that are the student's personal responsibility and that are not included in approved course fees. Your battels bills are issued at the beginning of each term.


Grants and Bursaries

We provide a huge range of bursaries, grants and prizes that may benefit you as an undergraduate and graduate student. If one or more of these would help you with your personal or study circumstances, we encourage you to apply.

What’s on offer?

The College has an extensive range of bursaries and grants for current students.

If your personal or study circumstances would benefit, we encourage you to apply.

When can I apply?

The window for most applications opens at the start of each term and the deadline is noon on Wednesday of Week Two. You can only apply for extra-curricular grants in Hilary Term. You can apply for financial assistance outside the normal application window.

Who decides?

Your application will be considered by the Support and Travel Grants Committee, which meets in Week Four of each term, and comprises the Senior Tutor, the Dean, the Tutor for Graduates, the Bursar and the Accountant.

How do I apply?

You can apply online for most grants, bursaries and prizes. Sometimes you may only need to provide receipts to the Accounts office. For some grants, there are PDF application forms that you can download. Check out our latest guide to applying for grants.

Guide to applying for grants (PDF)

Available grants, bursaries and prizes

Subject Specific Grants for


If you are an undergraduate at St Hilda’s studying one of the relevant subjects, you are encouraged to apply.

Subject Specific Grants for


If you are a graduate student at St Hilda's, you are encouraged to apply for subject-specific grants and bursaries.

Prizes and Bursaries for


After graduating at St Hilda’s, you can apply for prizes and bursaries.