Student Handbook

Welcome to St Hilda’s

Our Student Handbook contains important and useful information about all aspects of life as a student at St Hilda's.

The Handbook

Download the 2023/24 St Hilda's College Student Handbook below.

Student Handbook (PDF)

Where to get help

Need welfare help? Our PDF flowcharts will point you in the right direction.

Undergraduates - JCR welfare help

Graduates - MCR welfare help

College Codes of Policy, Practice and Procedure

We aim to be a friendly and well-regulated academic community. To ensure that the environment is suitable for academic work and that the College runs smoothly, we have College Rules and Regulations, which govern what is or is not permissible.

Think of these as like the Highway Code, which exists to ensure that road users know how to interact with each other to keep everyone safely progressing on their individual journeys.

These rules exist for everyone's benefit, and you should familiarise yourself with them.

The following documents form an inclusive part of the Student Handbook.