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Dr Kerstin Hoge

MA MLS Ohio State, MPhil DPhil Oxf


Kerstin Hoge was appointed as University Lecturer in German Linguistics in 2008. She teaches German and General Linguistics to students across the university. Her research interests lie in the field of syntax, with a particular focus on the structure and acquisition of interrogative sentences in the Germanic languages. A further area of interest is Yiddish in both its linguistic and literary aspects, and recent publications have addressed the construction of social and personal identity in Yiddish children’s literature. Her current work focuses on the cross-linguistic properties of causal interrogatives. She is the review editor of the Journal of Linguistics.

Don’t mention the language war! Helene Khatskels’s Palestinian travelogues in the Yiddish children’s journal Grininke beymelekh, Slavic Almanac, 13 (2007), 60-83.

For children and adults alike: Reading Bergelson’s ‘children’s stories’ (1914-1919) as narratives of identity formation, in Joseph Sherman & Gennady Estraikh (eds.), David Bergelson: From modernism to socialist realism (Oxford: Legenda, 2007), 113-128.

Khatskels, Helene. In Paula E. Hyman & Dalia Ofer (eds.), Jewish women: A comprehensive historical encyclopedia. CD-ROM. (Philadelphia, PA: Jewish Publication Society, 2007).

Yiddish lexicography, in Keith Brown (ed.), Encyclopedia of language and linguistics (2nd edn.), (Oxford: Elsevier, 2006), 733-734.


  • Tutorial Fellow in Linguistics
  • Associate Professor in German Linguistics


  • Linguistics
  • Modern Languages