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Professor Lorna Smith

MA DPhil Oxf


Professor Lorna Smith holds the Peacock Tutorial Fellowship in Chemistry at St Hilda's and is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry. She teaches Inorganic Chemistry to all the St Hilda's undergraduates. In addition she supervises fourth year undergraduate Part II projects in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.

Professor Smith's research uses a combination of experimental and theoretical approaches to study the structure and dynamical properties of proteins. Much of her current work concentrates on characterising denatured, partially folded and misfolded proteins. This work has relevance with regard to our understanding of a range of disease states resulting from protein misfolding or aggregation, such as Alzheimer's disease and the spongiform encephalophies (CJD, BSE), as well as contributing to our understanding of food allergies.

Full list of publications can be found at: Lorna Smith | Department of Chemistry (


Professor Smith is also the Disability Fellow at St Hilda’s and is available to help and advise any student with a disability.


  • Tutorial Fellow in Chemistry and Disability Fellow
  • Disability Fellow


  • Chemistry