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Dr Nicole Stoffel

BSc MSc PhD ETH Zurich


Dr Nicole Stoffel received her BSc and MSc degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences from ETH Zurich, Switzerland and completed her PhD in the Laboratory of Human Nutrition at ETH Zurich. She was awarded the Swiss Foundation for Nutrition Research Award 2020 for her publications on oral iron supplementation in Lancet Hematology 2017 and in Haematologica 2020. She received the ETH Medal for her outstanding Doctoral thesis in 2018. In 2021 she was awarded the prestigious Lopez-Loreta Prize pour l’Excellence Académique for her research in the field of iron and adaptive immunity/vaccine response.

Her current research interests are optimizing oral iron supplementation regimens in pregnant women and in young infants and thereby also improving vaccine efficacy.

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Stoffel NU, Cercamondi CI, Brittenham G, Zeder C, Guerts-Moespot AJ, Swinkels DW, Moretti D, Zimmermann MB. Iron absorption from oral iron supplements given on consecutive versus alternate days and as single morning doses versus twice-daily split dosing in iron-depleted women: two open-label, randomized controlled trials. Lancet Hematology, 2017.


  • Associate Research Fellow in Biomedical Sciences
  • Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, MRC Human Immunology Unit


  • Biomedical Sciences