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Dr Matty Hoban

MSci Imp, PhD UCL


Prior to joining St Hilda’s Dr Hoban was a senior research scientist in quantum cryptography at Quantinuum, a multi-national quantum computing company. Before working in industry he held various researcher and lecturer positions at the University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh, ICFO-Institute of Photonic Sciences (Barcelona) and the University of London. He has an undergraduate degree from Imperial College London and his PhD in quantum computing is from UCL.

With Dr Aleks Kissinger (Fellow at St Hilda’s), Dr Hoban is teaching Quantum Processes and Computation (MT) and Categories, Proofs and Processes (HT) in the Department of Computer Science.

Dr Hoban’s research predominantly focusses on quantum information and quantum foundations, and their intersection. All modern computers utilise quantum physics to store information, but the description of the information is not quantum at all. For quantum information both the storage medium and the information itself has a quantum description. He is interested in how quantum information is fundamentally different from its non-quantum counterpart and how this can be used in information processing tasks, especially those relevant to cryptography and the verification of quantum devices.


  • Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science
  • Associate Professor of Quantum Computing, Department of Computer Science


  • Computer Science