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Dr Arman Nejad

BSc MSc PhD Goettingen


Dr Arman Nejad conducts postdoctoral research in Theoretical Chemistry and is funded through a Walter Benjamin Fellowship by the German Research Foundation.

Arman studied chemistry at the Georg-August University Goettingen (Germany), graduating in 2018 with distinction and obtaining his PhD in 2022 summa cum laude, including research stays in France, New Zealand and Hungary. His dissertation, which was awarded the Göttingen University PhD Prize 2022, deals with the experimental (infrared and Raman) and theoretical vibrational spectroscopy of formic acid and its dimer.

Dr Arman Nejad currently works on developing post-Hartree-Fock electronic structure methods for the efficient treatment of electron correlation in solids. By education a vibrational spectroscopist, he continues research on the theoretical vibrational spectroscopy of hydrogen-bonded complexes.

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Google scholar:

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  • Junior Research Fellow in Chemistry


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