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Dr Jamshid Derakhshan

DPhil Oxf


Dr Jamshid Derakhshan’s research interests and works started with logic and set theory when he was 13 years old and in middle school. He was self taught in set theory, model theory and group theory, and proved results in descriptive set theory from age 13 to 16. At age 16 while he was in high school and because of his research works he was admitted to Oxford University to become a graduate student directly without finishing high school or doing undergraduate studies. At age 17 he started, initially as a research student of Angus Macintyre and then a D.Phil (Ph.D) student of Frank Wagner in model theory and group theory at the Mathematical Institute and Merton College of Oxford University, and was awarded his D.Phil in Mathematics when he was 21. He held a Senior Scholarship at Merton College during his D.Phil studies and was awarded the Senior Mathematical Prize and Johnson University Prize of Oxford University for his doctoral thesis.

Dr Derakhshan was a Lady Davis Postdoctoral Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Bar Ilan University, and has also held visiting positions at IHES (Institut des Haute Etudes Scientifiques) in Bures-sur-Yvette, France, Hebrew University, and Mathematical Institute at Oxford. He was a Departmental Lecturer at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University (during 2013-2014), and has been a College Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at St Hilda’s College of Oxford University since October 2014. He has also served as Dean of Degrees of St Hilda’s College.

Dr Derakhshan works at the interface between mathematical logic, model theory, group theory, number theory, algebra, and algebraic geometry. He is most interested in algebraic groups over local and global fields, model theory of Henselian valued fields, model theory of adele rings of number fields (where he has joint works with Angus Macintyre and with Ehud Hrushovski), p-adic and motivic integration, and various problems related to zeta functions in number theory, geometry, and algebra.


  • Lecturer in Pure Mathematics


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