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Professor Fiona Macintosh

BA MA Leeds, PhD PGCE Lond


Professor Macintosh's publications include:

Authored Books
1994: Dying Acts: Death in Ancient Greek and Modern Irish Tragic Drama (Cork University Press)

2005: Greek Tragedy and the British Theatre 1660-1914, co-authored with Edith Hall (Oxford University Press). Runner-up for the Criticos Prize 2006 and the Theatre Book Prize 2006; and shortlisted for the Runciman Prize 2007

2009: Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus (Cambridge University Press)

2016: Medea, a performance history, co-curated with Claire Kenward and Tom Wrobel  (interactive/multimedia ebook – freely available on iTunes/ebook)

2018: Agamemnon, a performance history, co-curated with Claire Kenward (interactive/multimedia ebook – freely available on iTunes/ebook)

2019: Telling Tales or performing epic now, co-authored with Justine McConnell

Edited Books:
2000: L. Hardwick, P. Easterling, S. Ireland, N. Lowe, F. Macintosh (eds), Theatre: Ancient and Modern (Open University)

2000: E. Hall, F. Macintosh & O. Taplin (eds), Medea in Performance 1500-2000 (Legenda)

2004: E. Hall, F. Macintosh and A. Wrigley (eds), Dionysus since 69: Greek Tragedy at the Dawn of the Millennium (Oxford University Press)

2005: F. Macintosh, P. Michelakis, E. Hall and O. Taplin (eds), Agamemnon in Performance: 458BC-2002AD (Oxford University Press)

2010: F. Macintosh (ed.), The Ancient Dancer in the Modern World (Oxford University Press)

2013: J. Billings, F. Budelmann and F. Macintosh (eds), Choruses, Ancient and Modern (Oxford University Press)

2015: K. Bosher, F. Macintosh, J. McConnell and P. Rankine (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Greek Drama in the Americas (Oxford University Press)

2018: F. Macintosh, J. McConnell, S. Harrison and C. Kenward (eds), Epic Performances from the middle ages into the twenty-first century (Oxford University Press)

2019 (forthcoming): S. Harrison, F. Macintosh and H. Eastman (eds), Heaney and the Classics: Bann Valley Muses (Oxford University Press)


  • Fellow in Classics
  • Professor of Classical Reception, Faculty of Classics


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