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Dr Robin Thompson

MMath Oxf, PhD Camb


Dr Thompson delivers first and second year tutorials in a range of applied mathematics courses in college. These include first-year tutorials in Fourier Series & PDEs and Probability, and second-year tutorials in Differential Equations I, Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Calculus of Variations. In addition to his college teaching, Dr Thompson teaches undergraduate mathematics courses in the Mathematical Institute and supervises DPhil students and postdoctoral researchers.

Dr Thompson’s research involves developing and analysing mathematical models of infectious disease outbreaks. He leads a research group in the Mathematical Institute with members conducting research in the field of data-driven infectious disease modelling. His group members construct novel models and modelling techniques, and apply them using data from infectious disease outbreaks in humans, animals and plants. Dr Thompson’s group uses stochastic and deterministic modelling approaches, and parameterises the models using statistical inference techniques such as Markov chain Monte Carlo and Approximate Bayesian Computation. In addition to working with other mathematicians, Dr Thompson also works with public health policy experts to maximise the positive socio-economic impacts of his group’s research.

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  • Tutorial Fellow in Mathematics
  • Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Institute


  • Mathematics