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Professor Julia Yeomans

MA DPhil Oxf


​Professor Julia Yeomans is a theoretical physicist researching the behaviour of soft condensed matter, such as polymers, gels and liquid crystals, at the tiny scale where viscous forces are high compared to inertial forces. Her work has advanced our understanding of droplets in microchannels, of super-water-repellent surfaces and of how certain bacteria swim. As well as analytical techniques, Julia applies sophisticated computational methods to model behaviour at close to the molecular level. This brings together hydrodynamics — how fluids behave in motion — and statistical physics, which is the use of probabilistic methods to predict the collective behaviour of many individual systems.

Professor Yeomans teaches physics, including statistical physics, quantum mechanics, mathematical physics and fluids.

Publications are linked from my web site.


  • Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in Physics


  • Physics