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Dr Richard Povey

MA MPhil DPhil Oxf


Richard Povey joined St Hilda's College in October 2016 as a Fixed-Term Fellow and Tutor in Economics. He is currently also a Lecturer and Tutor in Economics at Hertford College. In the past, he has held positions as a Lecturer in Economics at a number of different colleges within the University of Oxford.

Richard's teaching interests are in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics for Prelims, the core papers in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Quantitative Economics, and the option papers in Game Theory and Public Economics.

Richard's primary research is on the consequences of altruistic motivation in economic theory. He uses game theoretic modelling techniques and social welfare analysis to show that altruism can have negative as well as positive effects, and hence that there may exist a 'socially optimal level of altruism' for society as a whole. He is also interested in evolutionary game theory and optimal taxation theory.

List of publications available at

Published articles:

'The Welfare Economics of Infectious Happiness.', Economics Letters (May 2015)

'Punishment and the Potency of Group Selection.', Journal of Evolutionary Economics (July 2014)

Working papers:

'The Limits of Altruism: A Survey.'

'The Socially Optimal Level of Altruism.'


  • Lecturer in Economics
  • Dean of Degrees


  • Economics