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Dr Margaret Kean

MA DPhil Oxf


Margaret Kean is the Dame Helen Gardner Fellow at St Hilda's College. Margaret teaches Renaissance Literature including Shakespeare, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature. Her research interests focus on the works of John Milton; John Dryden; early modern theatre; the epic tradition and its reception history; and fantasy literature. She was invited by the City of London to give a lecture at the Guildhall in 2008 to mark the quarter-centenary of John Milton, and has been a contributor to radio programmes such as In Our Time. In 2016, she was a consultant for the National Geographic Channel's Map of Hell. Her current research is on the work of the contemporary author, Philip Pullman. For a taster of her current research, please visit

Writers and their Works: Philip Pullman (Liverpool University Press, forthcoming)

'Learning to Stand: Paradise Regained Today' Milton Studies 63.1 (2021)

Essays and Studies: The Literature of Hell ed. M. Kean (2021)

'Brave New World: A Restoration Debate' in Elizabeth Sauer, ed. Emergent Nation: Early Modern British Literature in Transition, 1660-1714, vol.3 (Cambridge University Press, 2019)

'A Harmless Distemper: Accessing the Classical Underworld in Heywood's The Silver Age' in Fiona Macintosh et al eds. Epic Performances from the Middle Ages into the Twenty-First Century (Oxford University Press, 2018)

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'Waiting for God: John Milton's Poems of 1671' [Chatterton Lecture, 2000] Proceedings of the British Academy 111 (2001)


  • Tutorial Fellow in English
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of English


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