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Dr Roger Teichmann

BA Camb, DPhil Oxf


Dr Roger Teichmann gives tutorials at St Hilda's in General Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Knowledge and Reality, Theory of Politics, Logic and Language, Wittgenstein, and Early Modern Philosophy.

Dr Teichmann’s research interests are in Ethics, Mind, Action, Language, Wittgenstein, and Anscombe. His book, 'The Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe', was published in 2008.

Logos and Life: Essays on Mind, Action, Language and Ethics, Anthem Press 2022

(ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Elizabeth Anscombe, OUP 2022
(ed. with L. Gormally, D. Jones) 'The Moral Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe' (Imprint Academic 2016)

(ed.) Elizabeth Anscombe (4 vols) - 'Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers' (Routledge 2016)
‘Wittgenstein on Thought and Will’ (Routledge 2015)

'Nature, Reason, and the Good Life: Ethics for Human Beings' (OUP 2011)

'The Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe' (OUP 2008)

(ed.) 'Logic, Cause & Action: Essays in Honour of Elizabeth Anscombe' (CUP 2000)

'The Concept of Time' (Macmillan 1995)

'Abstract Entities' (Macmillan 1992)

Most recent articles:

‘Metaphysics and Modals’, in The Anscombean Mind (ed. Haddock, Wiseman), Routledge, 2021.

‘Meaning, Understanding and Action’, in Enrahonar, An International Journal of Theoretical and Practical Reason, 2020.

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‘Are there any intrinsically unjust acts?’, in Zeitschrift für Ethik und Moralphilosophie, Oct. 2018.

‘Rational Choice Theory and Backward-Looking Motives’, in Economic Objects and the Objects of Economics (ed. Rona, Zsolnai), Springer 2018.

'"Not a Something"', in Nordic Wittgenstein Review vol 6 no.1, June 2017 (Open Access)

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  • Lecturer in Philosophy


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