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Dr Hannah Smith

BA MPhil PhD Camb


Before arriving at St Hilda’s in 2006, Hannah Smith studied at Newnham College, Cambridge, taught at Christ’s College, Cambridge, and was an RCUK Academic Fellow at the University of Hull. She was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize in 2008.

Hannah Smith works on Britain in the period 1660 to 1760 and, in particular, the history of political culture and history of gender. She has recently completed a book about the British army and politics from 1660 to 1750 and has co-edited a collection of essays on civilians and war in early modern Europe. She continues to pursue a research interest in the early Georgian monarchy, the subject of her first book, through co-editing a new edition of Lord Hervey’s Memoirs of the Reign of King George II. Her interest in gender history is reflected in a co-edited volume of essays about religion and women in Britain from 1660 to 1760 and research on eighteenth-century aristocratic libertinism. She is working on a project about gender and equestrianism, currently focusing on the development of riding schools.

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  • Tutorial Fellow in History
  • Vice-Principal 2023-2026
  • Associate Professor in Early Modern History, History Faculty


  • History
  • Ancient and Modern History