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These places are for the standard 3-year preclinical medical course (A100).

Why study Medicine at Hilda’s?

St Hilda’s has a long tradition of admitting students to read Medicine. Our tutors’ research interests mirror extensively the topics taught in Medicine, ensuring that tutorials are always up to date and driven by people who are actively engaged in the research area.

We have a strong team for the preclinical and clinical medical courses: the three tutorial fellows (two in preclinical medicine, one in clinical medicine) are supported in their teaching by three college lecturers, and bring in expert support for specialist topics. The tutors (clinical and preclinical) have won teaching awards and are heavily involved in the delivery of the course. St Hilda’s is unique at Oxford in having such a close-working and joined-up approach to preclinical and clinical support, in both pastoral and academic support; there is no barrier between the two stages of training at Hilda's. Our students feel that the Clinical Tutors know them even before they are in year 4, and the Preclinical Tutors are in touch during every stage of the clinical years.

On a practical note, St Hilda’s is conveniently located between the preclinical school (5-10 min by bike) and the teaching hospital (5-10 min by bus). The College library stocks all the books required for medicine and responds quickly to new requests. The College also offers Travel Grants that can be used to fund research activities outside Oxford. These may help preclinical medical students who carry out research projects (laboratory-based or library-based) that require travelling (if their chosen lab is not in Oxford or to get access to libraries or archives that store documents of interest) or graduate students to initiate collaborations or learn new techniques in other labs to facilitate their research in Oxford.

The medical students feel part of the College’s Medical Community. We offer a lot of subject events for students: Finalists will have a Schools Dinner (3rd year and 6th year students have a served meal with their tutors after the final examinations); there are regular Drinks Receptions for all undergraduate students and their tutors to meet informally and get to know each other; for graduate students, there are also served Graduate Dinners every year at which students and their college advisors get a chance to meet and socialise. The Medical Society regularly hosts seminars and conferences involving Alumnae and Friends that are not only of wide-spread interest to both undergraduate and graduate students but also offer opportunities for career networking.

Meet our Academics

You can read more about the course academics via their profiles which can be accessed below.

Charlotte Stagg

Tutorial Fellow in Pre-Clinical Medicine

View Charlotte's profile

Pre-Clinical Medicine

Philippa Hulley

Tutorial Fellow in Biomedical Sciences

View Philippa 's profile

Biomedical Sciences

Catherine Swales

Tutorial Fellow in Clinical Medicine

View Catherine's profile

Clinical Medicine

Stephen McHugh

Tutorial Fellow in Psychology

View Stephen's profile

Dr Robert Wilkins

Robert Wilkins

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

View Robert 's profile

Biomedical Sciences

Fernando Nodal

Lecturer in Medicine

View Fernando's profile

Pre-Clinical Medicine

Mary Board

Lecturer and Director of Studies in Biochemistry

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Anna Ridley

Lecturer in Medicine (Pathology)

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Pre-Clinical Medicine

Soham Bandyopadhyay

Lecturer in Pre-Clinical Medicine

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Pre-Clinical Medicine

Neil Dawson

Lecturer in Clinical Medicine

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Clinical Medicine

James Aylward

Lecturer in Clinical Medicine (Surgery)

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Clinical Medicine