Following a review, we made changes to our publications in 2015.

Our new approach reflects the preferences of our Senior Members as well as our desire to reduce our carbon footprint and the costs of mailing, which have increased significantly in recent years.

We know from the 2013 survey and the ‘Going Green’ form circulated in 2014 that many still love to get our news through the post. If you haven’t already told us that you want printed copies sent to you, please ‘opt in’ here.

Thank you to those who have already let us know their preferences. You can change your preferences at any time.

What’s New?

The Report and Chronicle is now The Chronicle, which is published in the autumn. It carries reports from College Officers, JCR and MCR reports, news of Senior Members, articles by alumnae on a selected theme and ASM news, reports and invitations to events. You can access The Chronicle here.

Our e-communications include the termly e-newsletter. Updates are posted on the St Hilda’s LinkedIn pages and Facebook and targeted email invitations will be circulated for events and activities in regions and for career networks.

Share your news

Contributions to The Chronicle are always welcome and we are pleased to include Senior Members' personal and professional news. To inform us of a birth, death or marriage, or to share news of recent publications, appointments or honours, please complete the Update Form.


St Hilda's Chronicle and Annual Review