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Why study Biomedical Sciences at St Hilda's?

This foundation degree will equip you by combining an understanding of the exciting advances in technology platforms with the ability to translate this for Pharma and clinical colleagues. In addition to a broad and strong scientific and biomedical tutoring team, St Hilda’s typically hosts 36 preclinical and clinical medical students and also has the largest intake of Biology students in Oxford. This is matched by postgraduate Biomedical and Life Science students and we have a very research-active Middle Common Room that welcomes undergraduates to their events. Our tutor team is dominated by basic scientists and we aim to give Biomedical Sciences a distinctly research and science based identity, separate from the clinical training program.  Core tutors work at the translational interface and with industry, providing career mentoring relevant to science graduates.

Biomedical Sciences students across the university work towards the same degree. Lectures and practicals are taught centrally in the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre and Psychology department.  Students share some course components with preclinical medicine but the course is more focused on basic research. St Hilda’s College provides extensive tutorial support and the team of tutors has considerable experience with teaching biomedical sciences as well as medical, psychology and biochemistry students.

Students now enrol for a 4 year Masters degree (MBiomedSci) and may choose to graduate after 3 years with a BA Cell and  Systems Biology or BA Neuroscience, or continue to the 4th year. Graduates with 2.i or better degrees are entitled to proceed straight into PhD (DPhil) programs. Other options, such as work in industry or teaching, are also popular.

Recent St Hilda’s biomedical science graduates have been awarded competitive DPhil scholarships in Oxford, Edinburgh and Norwich, continued to study at MSc and DPhil level, moved into careers in Life Sciences consulting, High School teaching or are training to become Patent Attorneys. Since we started admitting for the course in 2016, 11 of our 15 graduates have moved directly into graduate study, with 8 direct entries to DPhil and 3 to MSc programs by 2022.

Meet our Academics

You can read more about the course academics via their profiles which can be accessed below.

Philippa Hulley

Tutorial Fellow in Biomedical Sciences

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Biomedical Sciences

Charlotte Stagg

Tutorial Fellow in Pre-Clinical Medicine

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Pre-Clinical Medicine

Stephen McHugh

Tutorial Fellow in Psychology

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Mary Board

Lecturer and Director of Studies in Biochemistry

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Ann Dowker

Lecturer in Psychology

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Fernando Nodal

Lecturer in Medicine

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Pre-Clinical Medicine
Anna Ridley

Anna Ridley

Lecturer in Medicine (Pathology)

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Pre-Clinical Medicine

Sarah Snelling

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

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Biomedical Sciences
Dr Robert Wilkins

Robert Wilkins

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

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Biomedical Sciences