Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics

Applicants can choose between the following courses:
Psychology and Philosophy, Psychology and Linguistics, or, Philosophy and Linguistics.

Psychology & Philosophy:      Up to 2 Places Per Year

Psychology & Linguistics:      Up to 2 Places Per Year

Philosophy & Linguistics:       2 Places Per Year

Related courses that applicants may wish to consider are Experimental Psychology, Modern Languages and Linguistics or the other Philosophy courses.

Why study PPL at St Hilda's?

Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics are allied disciplines, which ask and investigate questions about ourselves and how we relate to and interact with the world around us.

St Hilda’s is one of only five Oxford colleges to have Tutorial Fellows in all three subjects, providing you with excellent and continuous support throughout your course. The close attention and tailored support available at St Hilda’s have contributed to the academic achievement and examination success of our students (which includes prizes for best performance in the University). Having all three subjects represented in College also means that you will benefit from being part of an active community of students in Experimental Psychology or across the different joint schools available with Philosophy and Linguistics. Uniquely in Oxford, St Hilda’s is the home of Brain and Mind, a cross- and interdisciplinary workshop held once a term, which features a set of talks by experts, followed by discussion and a dinner where you can meet the speakers in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. When you study PPL at St Hilda’s, you will join a cohort of students from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities, of which we are proud and which directly contributes to the culture and intellectual experience in this school.

Subject Tutors

The core tutorial teaching team at St Hilda’s consists of:

After St Hilda's

St Hilda’s PPL students have pursued a range of different careers after graduation, from the arts to healthcare and the technology sector. A high proportion of our former students have embarked on postgraduate study in one of their PPL subjects and have been awarded graduate scholarships in prestigious universities across the globe.