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Why study Chemistry at St Hilda's?

At St Hilda's, we have a strong team of chemistry tutors with two Fellows in inorganic and theoretical/physical chemistry and chemistry lecturers in organic and physical chemistry. In general, undergraduates have one or two tutorials per week in College along with lectures and practical classes in the University chemistry department. The chemists in St Hilda's form a vibrant and friendly community with good links between chemistry students in different year groups. There is an annual Chemistry Dinner along with various other social events during the year for all students.

Subject tutors

The core tutorial teaching team at St Hilda’s consists of:

After St Hilda's

Typically about 40 per cent of Chemistry graduates remain in the university sector in the first instance, the great majority for further training in research on doctoral programmes. Many of these go on to pursue careers in research and development (in both Chemistry and allied sciences), others in a variety of positions in management, administration and marketing. Of those taking up employment right away, a high proportion enter the financial services sector as trainee accountants or analysts of various kinds, mostly with the major firms or City institutions. Others have gone into the computer applications (IT) industry, teaching or consultancy. 

Further information

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