Health and Welfare

St Hilda’s is an open and friendly College. We hope that all students will feel free to ask for support or advice at any time. There are several ways in which advice on health and welfare can be sought within College and from related services within the University. 

The Dean, Dr Daniel Bulte, has overall responsibility for the Welfare Team in College. 

The College Nurse, Caroline Smith, is available for three hours every weekday, weeks 0-9. The College doctors have dedicated surgery hours for St Hilda’s students two afternoons a week. Appointments can also be made at other times with the Banbury Road Medical Centre. Find out more about how to contact the College nurse and doctors

The College Welfare Officer, Dr Laura Lyensko, is available in College for three hours every weekday in weeks 0-9. Her hours are here. Please email Laura to make an appointment.

The College Counsellor, Robin Steel, is available in College (by appointment) for two sessions during each week (Weeks 0-9).

Disability Fellow: Dr Lorna Smith

Disability Coordinator: Rebekah Unwin

Transgender Lead: Dr Sarah Norman

Junior Deans: Ayushi Agarwal, Erik Hӧrmann and Miriam Szabo.