Economics and Management


Why study Economics and Management at St Hilda's?

During the Economics and Management undergraduate degree, St Hilda’s students explore a variety of fundamental issues which are central to the world we live in. Economics and Management are natural partners; coming together to enhance and complement each other. The study of Economics focuses on the actions of human beings, whether on an individual basis or as a group, making choices about how resources are allocated. Accompanying this, Management concentrates on the practical use and coordination of materials and labour within an organization in order to achieve their shared goals.

From subject areas such as how the economy and organisations function to how resources are allocated and coordinated to achieve an organisation’s objectives, students at St Hilda’s are taught by an experienced team who have worked all over the world. St Hilda's College tutors specialise in Quantitative Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Game Theory, General Management, Organisational Behaviour and Strategic Leadership. For other specific subfields of Economics and Management, which are covered in option papers, St Hilda's students have the opportunity to study with expert tutors from other colleges.

St Hilda's students play an active role in the clubs and events at the Said Business School, which cover a wide range of business-related interests. External professionals, such as city bankers and civil servants, often speak to students about their work and about career opportunities in fields closely related to Economics and Management.

Economics can also be studied in the joint school of History and Economics and in PPE.

Subject tutors

The core tutorial teaching team at St Hilda’s consists of:

- Dr Anders Kock
- Ms Suellen Littleton
- Dr Richard Povey

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