St Hilda's College
St Hilda's College

Welcome Undergraduate Freshers!

This page is for St Hilda’s undergraduate offer-holders whose offers are fully unconditional and who are due to join the College in October 2024.

Please read everything on this page carefully, as it contains very important information about preparing for your arrival at St Hilda’s.

You should find here everything you need to know about starting life in College. If you cannot find the answers to your questions here, you are welcome to email:

  • the College Office with academic queries
  • the Accounts Office with financial queries, including payment of fees
  • the Accommodation Office with accommodation queries; if you are coming from overseas and wish to arrive on 4 or 5 October, please inform the Accommodation Office in advance)

When you received your University Offer (through UCAS) you were provided with a link to the University Student Handbook. This document is updated annually. Please do familiarise yourself with the content of the new booklet for 2024/25.