The Ethos of the College

Excellence and equality

St Hilda’s College is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and innovation, from its academic staff 's research to its students' intellectual achievements. St Hilda’s was founded to open up university education to women. Today, with close to equal numbers of women and men at both undergraduate and graduate level, we remain true to our founding principles. We continue to promote equal opportunity and social inclusivity while expanding the boundaries of knowledge and human potential. St Hilda’s prides itself on cultivating pioneering, independent thinkers, whatever their background. Our students are people with spark and flair who seek original solutions to intellectual and practical problems, as shown by the diverse successes of the College’s alumnae.

Every voice matters

The students and staff of St Hilda’s come from a wide range of backgrounds and from all over the world. This diversity is crucial to our supportive community as we learn from one another’s different perspectives. Intellectual equality is an important principle in academic work: everyone has a responsibility to the common goal of increasing knowledge and insight. Out of this thinking and working together grows mutual respect. Known for its welcoming, non-judgemental and relatively informal atmosphere, St Hilda’s supports all its members to develop their abilities and interests and encourages them in their contribution to College and University life.

Looking beyond the usual

Just beyond Magdalen Bridge at the end of Oxford’s historic High Street, St Hilda’s overlooks Oxford’s centre from its beautiful riverside gardens. The College is also close to lively, multicultural East Oxford and St Clements, from where there is a regular bus service to London. The sense of bridging Oxford’s rich traditions and the concerns of the world beyond the University shapes the College’s distinctive identity. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the multiple roles of the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building. The JdP is a leading concert venue for world-class musicians; a centre for music education in the local community; and the centre of St Hilda’s music-making, including a ground-breaking student-led experimental music programme.

Student in Kathleen Major Library, St Hilda's CollegeOxford Skyline: view from St Hilda's CollegeMagdalen Bridge Oxford Day Cake at St Hilda's College