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Applicants can choose between Mathematics and joint schools in Mathematics and Philosophy or Mathematics and Statistics. Students who are admitted to study Mathematics (or Physics) can opt to take Mathematics and Physics in the fourth year.

Why study Maths at St Hilda’s?

The College has a large Mathematics community and a friendly and academically challenging environment in which students thrive and receive the support needed to reach their full potential. Tutorials are held in small groups by college tutors  Dr Jamshid Derakhshan (leading expert of Number Theory and Logic), Dr Andrea Mondino (leading mathematician working across Analysis and Geometry), and Professor Irene Moroz (leading scientist in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Geosciences).

The College also organises seminars and dinners. The St Hilda’s Mathematics Seminar Series is a newly established series, which we hope to make an annual event. It features St Hilda's mathematics students giving presentations on a mathematical topic of their choice. Recently discussed subjects included the Riemann Hypothesis, the Theory of Chaos and the Mathematics of Juggling. At least once a year College tutors organise a dinner for all mathematics students at St. Hilda's.

Subject tutors

The core tutorial teaching team at St Hilda’s consists of:

- Dr Jamshid Derakhshan
- Professor Irene Moroz
- Dr Andrea Mondino


After St Hilda's

Many of our students have gone on to pursue higher degrees or have embarked on careers in various sectors, including Finance, Teaching, Research and Industry

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