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I come from a state comprehensive school in Hampshire and thought I would try and apply to Oxford without necessarily thinking I would get in, but it has been an amazing experience to be a part of such a historic and diverse university and student body. College life allows a whole extra layer of opportunities for socialising, meeting people with similar interests and a welcoming environment where you can get to know people closely. The facilities for sport within College and the University are great, giving you the opportunity to pick up sports you’ve never done before and potentially get involved in leadership. This year I have started playing spikeball for the College and am in the committee of the kayak club, to name a couple. College societies such as the Christian Union also allow time for shared interests within College and link to Uni-wide clubs too. Hilda’s is a really welcoming college and a lovely environment to study, play and rest in all year round!

The course

Studying Geography at Oxford is a great privilege and something that brings new opportunities and challenges every day! The range of themes studied in the first year varies a lot which exposes you to topics you may not have considered before. Being able to discuss these in classes and small tutorial groups allows a deeper understanding and a more complicated way of thinking about relevant and dynamic subjects. A typical week in first year will include 6-7 lectures, classes (such as practical methods) and tutorials, with the majority being independent study time working through tutorial reading lists and essays. There is a variety of different libraries across the city to work in, from the modern, spacious social science library and the historic Radcliffe Camera, as well as the homely college library. The first year is a great way of introducing a range of themes along with preparing you for the specific modules in second and third year.

Tim Ostler, 2nd-year undergraduate in Geography


  • 2nd year undergraduate


  • Geography