Accommodation for new graduates is allocated on a first come, first served basis once funding has been confirmed. The College owns a number of graduate houses and can offer rooms to nearly all first- and second-year graduates at St Hilda’s who wish to stay in College accommodation. Many graduate students choose to rent privately. Unfortunately we do not have accommodation suitable for couples or families. 

Most of the graduate accommodation is located in the streets adjacent to St Hilda's, near to Cowley Road, which has a number of independent shops and restaurants, as well as two supermarkets. They are within 10 minutes walk of College.

The accommodation is spacious and attractively decorated. All of our graduate accommodation has well-equipped kitchens and communal areas. The bedrooms are priced according to size, location, facilities, etc. Rooms vary in size, although most are very large, and they are priced accordingly. Scouts (cleaners) come to clean the rooms once each week, and empty rubbish bins and clean kitchens and bathrooms. They do not wash your dishes.

The types of facilities in the houses vary slightly according to which house/building you are in. Each room has internet access.

College accommodation is covered by the Student Accommodation Code of Practice.

Accommodation Prices (2022/23)

Band  Rooms Prices (51-week contract)
 1 205 Cowley Rd - 33 ensuite rooms
Jocelyn Morris Quad, Sylvia Mann House - 6 ensuite
58 Raymund Road - 1 ensuite (room 5)
£9,559 for 51 weeks plus £50 compulsory catering credit per term  
 2 25a Alma Place - all rooms
Jocelyn Morris Quad, Sylvia Mann House - 6 standard
58 Raymund Road - 1 ensuite (room 6)
89 Iffley Road - all rooms
£8,700 for 51 weeks plus £50 compulsory catering credit per term  
 3 19 Tyndale Road - all rooms £7,931 for 51 weeks plus £50 compulsory catering credit per term  
 4 25 Alma Place - 5 standard (rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6) £7,303 for 51 weeks plus £50 compulsory catering credit per term  
 5 25 Alma Place - 1 standard (room 5)
58 Raymund Road - 2 standard (rooms 1 & 2)
£7,095 for 51 weeks plus £50 compulsory catering credit per term  

Note: Accommodation prices usually rise approximately 2% above inflation annually.
Graduate term rates are for approximately 14.5 weeks.

University Housing

The University Accommodation Office offers graduate housing for single students, couples and families, and operates housing lists for rooms, flats/houses and shared houses for groups of students. Information about how to apply, availablity and rents is available on the University website.

Private Housing

Finding a house through an estate agent or rental agency offers a number of benefits: flexibility in type of accommodation, choice of location, and your own choice of housemates. Unfortunately, for those from overseas, or without housemates already lined up, this can be very difficult to organise. Contracts are usually for 12 months and cost about £1075 per month for three people and £1500 per month for four people to rent (water, gas and electricity bills not included). Prices out of town are considerably lower but require a bus or train ride into town and can make it harder to integrate into college/university life, particularly its social aspects. For those interested in this option, Oxford rental agencies and estate agents are the best place to start.

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