Waste Management and Recycling

We are working to minimise waste that is sent to landfill and to increase the proportion of waste that is recycled.

All buildings have separate bins for recycling and landfill waste. Separate bins are also used in staff offices. As much food as possible is recycled. Food waste bins are being trialled in accommodation buildings, Garden and Christina Barratt Building.

Single-use plastics are being phased out in both the Dining Hall and guest room packs. Water stations have been installed in both the Dining Hall and Anniversary Building for refilling of water bottles. We provide reusable water bottles at events and conferences. We provide returnable cups and encourage the use of our ‘keep-cups’ instead of single-use cups for drinks.

We have reduced  greatly the amount of printing and have paper recycling points throughout college. We also offer white boards to conference clients as an alternative to flip charts.