Sustainability Governance

St Hilda's College has established an active Sustainability Working Group, led by the Principal, Professor Dame Sarah Springman, to develop and implement a College-wide sustainability strategy.

The Working Group consists of two sustainability sub-groups; one focused on buildings and energy, and one that considers the College's biodiversity. The groups contain representatives from the whole College community, including Fellows, staff, students, and members of senior management. 

The Sustainability Working Group meets once per term and reports to the College's Planning Committee, which, in turn, reports directly to the College’s Governing Body.

A number of changes have already been implemented in College, thanks to a recommendation from the Sustainability Working Group. These include, but are not limited to: replacing single-glazed windows with double-glazed glass; installing solar panels on the Principal’s Lodgings; introducing thermostatic radiator valves to all suitable radiators within College; installation of water butts to collect water from the Lodging’s rooftop; introducing meat-free days and locally sourced food within the Dining Hall; and participating in the Green Impact Award Scheme for 2022-23 etc.