Study Support

Tips for tackling exams

Feeling anxiety about examinations is completely normal. The trick is managing and minimising it. Remember, your examination result does not define you – the examination is simply a way for you to show off what you do know.

Exams are just a job to be done as well as you can, not the be-all and end-all of your existence. So the following are just tips about how to put yourself in a position to do the best you can.

Dealing with the anxiety of exams

Revision tips

On examination day(s)

Practicalities and what to do if something goes wrong

Writing support

We offer fantastic writing support for our undergraduate and graduate students. In most academic years, we have a Writing Fellow who acts as an adviser and helps students to develop better lucidity, fluency and style with essays and written tasks they have been set. The Writing Fellow in post in 2019/20 is Julie Summers.