Rosalind Jane Bairstow Bursary

The Rosalind Jane Bairstow Bursary is an annual award established in memory of Miss Rosalind Jane Bairstow, who sadly died tragically young. Rosalind read for an undergraduate degree in English at St Hilda’s College in the 1960s, and is pictured here (2nd row; 4th in from the left) in the company of her College cohort on their Matriculation Day. The purpose of the award is to assist a current undergraduate of St Hilda’s College studying English Language and Literature (or one of the related joint schools taught in the College) who wishes to embark on further academic study in the year following graduation from their B.A. degree. The intention is to support study, whether inside or outside of the United Kingdom, which might otherwise seem beyond an individual’s immediate financial means. It is hoped that the generous bequest made by Mrs Lucie Bairstow in honour of her daughter’s memory will encourage all students within the English School at St Hilda’s College to think purposefully and positively about their potential: how they might best build on their undergraduate experiences here at Oxford, and how they might set themselves further academic and personal goals. The Bursary is formally awarded on 22 May each year to mark Rosalind’s birthday.

Applicants may propose any field of academic study, including the further study of literature or languages, and also creative writing. Professional training courses are however excluded from consideration under this award. The range of courses undertaken by recent recipients is wide. It includes Masters in International Relations (Germany), Film Studies (Canada), Psychology (Scotland), Children’s Literature (Ireland). Feedback proves just how significant this generous support for further study on completion of a B.A. degree course is to our students: “It is really a wonderful idea to encourage students to broaden their horizons … It can often be daunting to some, particularly those who face financial challenges, to choose to study abroad but it has been by far one of the best decisions I have ever made”.   

A College prize named after Rosalind was also kindly created by her mother, Mrs Lucie Bairstow. It is awarded annually to a first year English undergraduate on the completion of Prelims. 

The College would also like to thank Mrs Bairstow’s niece, Elizabeth Hurst and her family, for their assistance in the creation and management of the Rosalind Jane Bairstow Memorial Fund.

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