Make a Gift to the Garden Fund

The College funds the general upkeep and maintenance of the gardens and grounds. We also have a Garden Fund that is used to help develop the gardens in line with the vision of St Hilda's Gardens Committee, which is endorsed by the College's Governing Body. The Gardens Committee comprises three College Fellows, Dr Philippa Hulley, Dr Margaret Kean and Dr Emily Kearns. They are supported by the Head of Buildings, Mr Neil Hyatt, and our Horticulture Consultant, Mr Walter Sawyer. 

The Garden Fund is used for small projects, such as the formation of new borders, the realignment of paths and the creation of seating areas. It is also used to enhance the garden experience, for example by providing high-quality garden benches or through sustainable and ecologically-friendly activities like battery-cylinder mowers and the placement of bat and bird boxes and insect 'hotels'.

Please contact the Development Director if you would help us to develop our gardens or increase the scale and scope of our biodiverse ecology through 'green gardening' practices, or donate to the Garden Fund here.