Frequently Asked Questions

Change/Reset Passwords:

Single Sign-On Password       
Remote Access Password
College Password

Your college account gets locked after three wrong guesses. To prevent this happening to you, you can set recovery questions here. If you can't recover it yourself, contact the IT Office.


Usage of Passwords:

College Password Single Sign-On Remote Accces
- College computers

- Online Printing


- Central IT services

- E-Mail

- Eduroam




Eduroam: Create or change your remote access password here.

Username: shil****@OX.AC.UK

Password: Remote Access Password


Online Printing

You can print from your personal device if it is connected to Eduroam, shil-wifi or the college's wired network.

Sign in using your College credentials. Once logged in, you can choose "quick print" which will let you upload individual files to print, or install the iPrint client on your device which will allow you to install printers more permanently.

If you are logged in at one of the college computers you do not need online printing.

When using the Library Colour Printer, swipe your University Card on the reader to release your queued print jobs. At present the black and white printers release immediately, no card necessary.


Free Software for Students:

- Microsoft Office 365

- Backup Software, Tivoli Storage Manager (only postgraduates and staff)

- Anti-Virus, SPSS, Nvivo, ArcGIS, Matlab

- Online Learning (login: