IT Frequently Asked Questions

Change/Reset Passwords:

Single Sign-On Password (Email, Upay, StarRez, SHIL-WiFi)

College Password (Computer rooms, College printing)

Your college account will be locked after repeated failed login attempts. To prevent this happening to you, you can set recovery questions here. If you can't recover it yourself, contact the IT Office.



Connect to the open "SHIL-ONBOARDING" network. You'll be prompted to log in with your Single Sign On account.

Once logged in, you'll be given a WiFi code. You can use this code to connect all of your devices to the SHIL-WIFI network. The code will also be emailed to you for safe keeping.

Please do not share the code that you are given. It's personal to you, and you are responsible for traffic originating from devices logged in with it.


Create or change your remote access password here.

Username: SSO Username@OX.AC.UK - E.g. shil1234@OX.AC.UK

Password: Single Sign-On Password (SSO Password)

How do I set up Multi-Factor Authentication?

With the rising need for extra security around data and computers it is now part of the Universities’ policy that all log-ins should be accompanied by a Multi-Factor Authentication method (or MFA).  This will not allow anyone trying to log in to an account access, until an accompanying device set up and controlled by the account user grants them access. This means that even should the account credentials be compromised it does not mean that the account and its data is in any immediate risk.

This has already been a feature of SSO accounts for some time now, however it is now being applied to college accounts as well.

Here is a step by step guide to setting up some methods of MFA so you will be able to access your account securely and keep your data safe!


Online Printing

You can print from your personal device if it is connected to Eduroam, shil-wifi or the college's wired network.

Sign in using your College credentials. Once logged in, you can choose "quick print" which will let you upload individual files to print, or install the iPrint client on your device which will allow you to install printers more permanently.

If you are logged in at one of the college computers you do not need online printing.

When using the Library Colour Printer, swipe your University Card on the reader to release your queued print jobs. At present the black and white printers release immediately, no card necessary.


Free Software:

- Microsoft Office 365

- Anti-Virus, SPSS, Nvivo, ArcGIS, Matlab

Backup Software, Tivoli Storage Manager (Graduate students and staff only)