The events listed here are open to all. If booking is required, information will be included in the event description.

Please note that a photographer may be present at our public events and that photos taken may be used in St Hilda's College's promotional material.

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18 18
Jun Jun
2021 2021

Dance as Grace: Paradoxes and possibilities TORCH Knowledge Exchange Fellowship project

Jacqueline du Pré Building Foyer 12:14 - 12:14 18, 19, 29, 30 June, 12-2pm

You are invited to come and watch live dance with Yorke Dance Project and  join the discussion about 'what is grace?' at the Jacqueline du Pré...

13 15
Aug Aug
2021 2021

2021 St Hilda’s College Crime Fiction Weekend

18:00 - 13:00

The 28th St Hilda's College Crime Fiction Weekend will celebrate that fictional city of dreaming spires and nightmarish crimes.  Ours is a weekend...

24 26
Sep Sep
2021 2021

2021 Gaudy Weekend

18:00 - 23:00 TBC

Whether we will be meeting in-situ or online we are planning a range of Gaudy lectures, exhibitions, and activities. We also look forward to...