Ethical Investment

St Hilda’s Investment Committee, with input from our undergraduates, was instrumental in designing the Climate Active Endowment Fund, in line with the The Oxford Martin Principles for Climate-Conscious Investment. These principles provide a framework for engagement with targeted firms and for disinvestment if reasonable engagement efforts have been made and responses found wanting.

In 2018, St Hilda’s was the first of the colleges of Oxford University to adopt a revised investment policy, which aims to ensure that the companies in which we invest act in compliance with the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit global temperature increases to well below 2°C. As such, the College has pledged not to invest in fossil fuel companies. 

St Hilda’s expects the banks with whom it works to align with the College’s social and environmental values. The College will engage with its bank, currently Lloyds, to lobby for a reduction in its lending and business with fossil-fuel companies. A failure to do so may have an impact on the College’s willingness to work with them in the future.