Corporate and Private Hire

We have many conference spaces with varying capacities and room layouts. Each room holds its own unique atmosphere; designed to perfectly accommodate your conference group.

Rooms and layout capacities:

Maximum numbers Theatre style Classroom style Boardroom style Standing U Shape
Edward Boyle Auditorium 168 X X X X
Brian Duke Foyer X X X 120 X
Pavilion 100 70 X 120 X
Rooftop Garden Suite A & B 70 48 24 X 20
Rooftop Garden Suite C X 6 6 X X
Vernon Harcourt Room 70 50 35 85 X
Lady Brodie Room 40 20 25 55 X
Rosalind Hill Room 20 12 15 X X
Sibthorpe Room 20 8 10 20 X
Canada Room X X 14 X X
Hall Garden Room 20 14 16 X X
The Burrows Room X X 8 X X
Winifred Moberly Room X X 8 X X

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Riverside PavilionRooftop Garden Suite A & B Lady Brodie Room Vernon Harcourt Room