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Garden Building

As we progress with plans to transform our site with the construction of our new Riverside Pavilion and Boundary Building, we look back at how St Hilda's has evolved over time.

In 1971, we opened the Garden Building to provide more accommodation for our students. It has been used to house St Hilda's undergraduates since then. This Grade II listed building was designed by Alison and Peter Smithson, 1968 – 1970. Its three main facades overlook our gardens with their preserved beech tree. Garden Building demonstrates the Smithsons' interest in 'layering', with the facade set behind a trellis running between each floor. The entrance front (at the rear if you approach from the grounds, as was intended), has a central well of glazing set behind brick ends.

We're proud of the buildings that make up St Hilda's and happy to be creating more accommodation and facilities for students and staff with our latest phase of construction.

Former Principal, Julia Mann, walking with Principal, Mary Bennett, followed by Alison Smithson at the opening of  Garden Building 1971, Building plan for Garden Building at St Hilda's College, University of Oxford, Building plan for Garden Building at St Hilda's College, Opening of Garden Building at St Hilda's College in 1971, Garden Building, St Hilda's College