Catering Practices

St Hilda's Dining Hall offers meat-free options on Mondays. On the remaining days, two of the three options on our Dining Hall's daily menus are vegetarian and or/vegan. 

The selection process for our suppliers includes assessment of their ethical and sustainability policies and practices. Only vegetarian food is served at the College's guest nights.  Our commitment to reducing waste is shown by our reduction of single-use plastic. We encourage the use of 'keep cups' and reusable water bottles, which we sell in the Dining Hall. There are water points at various locations in College. We recycle as much packaging as possible. The oil we use is recycled and reused by our supplier. We use locally sourced products whenever possible, with our dairy products and vegetables come from local suppliers. Our tea bags are supplied by Taylors of Harrogate, certified by The Rain Forest Alliance and the Carbon Neutral Global Standard. We limit use of table cloths as much as possible to reduce the use of water and chemicals.

Since 2008, St Hilda's has showcased sustainably produced food at its annual Green Feast, a popular College social occasion. As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, we are moving to be more in line with the seasons and to provide local and British produce. 

Green Feast 2022Green FeastRisotto, Green Feast, 2022