St Hilda's students in the College grounds

Bursaries, Scholarships and Grants

Our commitment to access requires sustained financial support, not only by opening up pathways to Oxford but by ensuring students can flourish academically once they arrive, without distracting financial pressures. The 125th Anniversary bursaries and scholarships will support our commitment to excellence and equality by attracting and supporting the most talented students regardless of their abilities to pay. In the Campaign there are opportunities to establish named bursaries and scholarships as well as to fund academic support.

Undergraduate bursaries

The aim of the 125th Anniversary bursaries is to extend the scope and scale of existing support for current undergraduates. Through the new 125th Anniversary bursaries, St Hilda’s is able to attract and support talented students and ensure that students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds can make the most of their time at St Hilda’s. The bursaries will provide funds for books, vacation residence, internships and work placement. Beneficiaries can access additional support for vacation residence to prepare for final examinations, and pursue study and research opportunities in the long vacation. These represent a significant advance on the previous level of support for our students, but they cannot be funded without help from our alumnae and friends, so donate now to make a difference to our undergraduates.

A named undergraduate bursary can be established with a commitment of £1,250 per year for three years.

Graduate Scholarships

Our graduate students make a vital contribution to their fields of research, to the intellectual life within the College and to the wider Oxford community. With one in four of our students achieving a distinction at postgraduate level, the College provides an excellent environment for students to achieve their full potential. For our graduate students, scholarships are essential – full scholarships (and partial scholarships to cover fees) help the College to attract the most talented students from all over the world. Your support may also attract sources of matched funding within the University to create fully-funded scholarships. It is crucial to St Hilda’s that we can offer the same benefits as other Oxford colleges, to enable us to attract the best scholars to study at our College in the face of increasing competition. Donate now to help us become students’ top choice for further studies.

A named graduate scholarship can be established with a minimum commitment of £8,000 per year for at least two years.

Travel and Research Grants

Travel and research grants assist our students in experiencing places and cultures that feature in their course and exploring future career options during the vacation, and for graduate students to carry out research and attend academic conferences. Grants are also provided to cover costs associated with work placements and internships to help students prepare for careers beyond Oxford. Your gift can help our students make the most of their time at St Hilda’s and maximise their potential.

A named research and travel grant can be established with a commitment of £500 per year.

We also welcome Memorial Gifts made in memory of individuals or groups to name a bursary or scholarship.

Here you can watch our students speak about the impact of bursaries on their lives, and those of their friends.

Yinka Eseku, Modern Languages undergraduate