The College Archive is the repository for the official record of the College as well as home to a unique collection of audio recordings, personal papers and records relating to student life.

Our archived documents, both paper and digital, support the current operations of the College by providing documentation of past decisions and activities. They also preserve the collective memory of the College for future generations. In 2005, the Archive was moved to purpose-built accommodation as part of a Library extension.

Catalogues and Collections

Our collections are a rich and unique resource. Key collections include letters from our founder, Dorothea Beale, relating to the Hall's foundation; the papers of first Principal, Esther Burrows, which contain material relating to early women's education at Oxford; the MS scores of composer, Elizabeth Maconchy; notes, articles and speeches by journalist and St Hilda's alumna, Sue Lloyd-Roberts; and an extensive sound archive collection of student interviews detailing student life from 1910 onwards.

Catalogues are also available online through Epexio

Using Archives for Research for Students

What are archives, how can they be useful to my research and how can I make best use of them?

Below are some useful sites offering guides and catalogues to start your research. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Archivist by email.

How to use Archives
Some useful sites to assist research in Oxford

Home | Education and Activism: Women at Oxford: 1878-1920- includes digitised archive material from St Hilda's and articles.

Oxford College Archives | Oxford College Archives - information about college collections


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