American Friends of St Hilda's

The American Friends of St Hilda's (AFStH) is the collective name for the over 500 Senior Members residing in the United States.

The AFStH was founded in 1988 by former Principal Mary Moore and enthusiastic US alumnae spearheaded by Joanna Rose (1952-3). It is well organised and represented by its own Board, and has its own directory including members' contact details and career information. Anyone who studied or taught at St Hilda's - graduate, undergraduate, visiting students and JYAs (Junior Year Abroad), Junior & Senior Research Fellows, and Visiting Fellows - can be a member.

Programmes and events bring together Senior Members and others affiliated with the College who now reside in the US. This informal network offers career resources to AFStH members, and hospitality to Senior Members and Fellows of the College who are visiting the US.

The American Friends are represented by a Board and current officers are the Co-Chairs Sarah Teale (1980-3) and Julie Fenster (1979-80), and Treasurer Judith Coquillette (1965-8).

The American Friends of St Hilda's is also a US registered charity [501(c)(3)] and runs its own annual giving programme for St Hilda's. American taxpayers can make a tax-deductible contribution in US$ to St Hilda’s via the AFStH. Cheques should be made payable to The American Friends of St Hilda's Inc. and sent to:
The American Friends of St Hilda's, c/o Hemenway & Barnes LLP, 75 State Street, 16th Floor, Boston, MA 02109-1466. If you have any enquiries, please contact Gioia C. Perugini by email or by calling 617 557 9777.

Senior Members in the US can also make a tax-efficient gift online by clicking here. The American Friends of St Hilda's have kindly produced this leaflet which offers more guidance on tax-efficient giving.

American Friends of St Hilda's