2019-2024 Strategic Plan

Every five years, we undertake a strategic planning exercise to reflect on past achievements and set out a framework of priorities to deliver our academic mission. We are currently in a phase of planning and consultation to set out our ambitions and objectives over the 2024-2029 period.

In 2014-19, we placed a key focus on undertaking a major programme of development to provide a college room for all undergraduate students, as well as offer new and enhanced social and teaching spaces. This necessitated a significant fundraising programme, the 125th Anniversary Campaign. These construction projects and associated fundraising activities carry over into the 2019-24, and through this plan College seeks to make the most of opportunities arising against the backdrop of the significant construction programmes underway.

Our long-term objectives are the provision of an excellent education and the support of world-class academic research. These constitute our ‘core strategies’ and it is in these areas that this plan is focused. We recognise that these objectives cannot be attained without effective support systems in place, and so our strategy also sets out some key ambitions to secure our financial position, enhance our facilities and ensure our operations function to facilitate the overall success of the College. These are referred to in the plan as ‘enabling’ strategies.

The strategies within our plan are focused on achieving the following broad outcomes:

  • Attracting the best undergraduate and graduate students, whatever their background, and teaching and supporting them so that they can each achieve their full potential;
  • Attracting and retaining the best academic staff through the provision of appropriate and beneficial support and opportunities; Enabling and supporting world-class research by its academic staff, both enhancing the College’s position within and its contribution to the collegiate University as a research institution of international standing, and creating an inspiring and challenging educational environment for our students;
  • Enhancing the College’s reputation both within the wider academic community and amongst potential applicants;
  • Ensuring that the size and shape of the College remains optimal for the successful pursuit of its ambitions, and being flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities as they arise;
  • Ensuring the College retains a secure financial position for both its day-to-day operation and its bigger strategic projects;
  • Maintaining and developing the College’s facilities to enable the effective support of its operations and the greatest benefit from its activities.

Download the Executive Summary of our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan