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Brain and Mind Conference, St Hilda's College 2016
Brain and Mind Conference, St Hilda's College 2016


St Hilda's cultivates innovative, independent thinkers and research is an important part of life here. The Fellowship pioneers outstanding research across all the disciplines represented in College and supports students to engage with specific research cultures and wider networks. We encourage development of creative collaborations across disciplinary boundaries. Concepts and opinions are shared within our community and with leading external researchers at interdisciplinary networks and events. Both undergraduates and graduate students are warmly welcomed at these events.

Research Spotlight


Professor Susan Jones, our Tutorial Fellow in English and Professor of English Literature at the English Faculty, is also founder of Dance Scholarship Oxford (DANSOX). DANSOX provides a major forum for dance scholarship in Europe, promoting dialogue between prominent academic disciplines and the worlds of dance theory and practice. The DANSOX series of events explore the ways in which the role of choreographic practice makes an essential contribution to innovations across academic fields, theatre and performance. Find out more about DANSOX's aims and achievements from Professor Jones.

The most recent of DANSOX's groundbreaking events at St Hilda's College was 'Motion and Meaning with Ensemble Klang and Leading Contemporary Dancers', 3-6 July 2018. DANSOX joined forces with the 'Liveness, Hybridity & Noise' joined forces for this multi-disciplinary presentation of new works that stretched the synthetic possibilities of music and dance. Over the four-day residency at St Hilda’s College, three composers from Oxford and several leading contemporary dancer-choreographers (Piedad Alebarracin Seiquer, Malgorzata Dzierzon, Estela Merlos, Patricia Okenwa and Liam Riddick), and one of Holland’s leading contemporary music groups, Ensemble Klang, worked together on the project. ‘Open’ rehearsals took place 3–5 July, followed by a fully-staged performance on 6 July. You can watch the event on Livestream and find out more about how it developed from composer, and our alumna, Anna Appleby (Music, 2011) who returned to St Hilda's to take part in it.

DANSOX: Motion and Meaning with Ensemble Klang and Leading Contemporary Dancers